Black Lives Matter: Resources and Support compiled by MOCA

The Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto is motivated by our belief that museums can be culturally and socially useful. MOCA looks to artists and artworks to advance critical thinking and we aim to provide a community space for discourse. 

We are saddened by the inequality and injustice faced by the Black community time and again. MOCA stands in solidarity with them and understands that our work, as a cultural institution, is to reimagine society by endeavouring to end ongoing systemic racism and oppression. 

This page outlines some resources and ways to support anti-Black racism in our community and abroad. This is intended as a living document that will be edited and added to as we continue to listen and learn. We are looking internally to re-evaluate how art and the museum can play a more active role. We are asking ourselves what we can do to better serve the community and to support the voices of Black artists and thinkers. MOCA is donating to Black Health Alliance and Black Lives Matter Toronto.

Email us at if there are any resources that you would like to see added or changed.


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