MOCA’s Spotlights video programme features the artists currently exhibiting at MOCA, providing deeper insight into the works on display in the museum.

Mika Rottenberg

Mika Rottenberg’s exhibition Spaghetti Blockchain runs until April 11, 2021.

Michael Lin

Michael Lin’s painting installation Archipelago is open until March 2021.

Fatma Bucak

MOCA welcomes artist Fatma Bucak to our Spotlights programme as she discusses her artworks included in the exhibition Acts of Erasure, currently on at MOCA through January 3, 2021. Here, Fatma speaks about the ways in which her practice negotiates and interrogates the ideological and conceptual conditions of borders. Through film, photography, and installation she explores border regions through the themes of gender, mobility, and the body.

Yazan Khalili

For the first in our Spotlights programme, MOCA welcomes artist Yazan Khalili as he discusses his practice and his recently commissioned installation, Medusa, currently on at MOCA through November 15, 2020. Here, Yazan discusses how he became interested in facial recognition technologies and how the mythological figure of Medusa stands as a powerful metaphor of resistance.