The ideas on the wall were selected from a call to architects to destroy existing paradigms about art galleries in order to re-conceive of them and imagine the museums and galleries of the future.

The jury selected 69 ideas out of the over 130 that were submitted. Several common themes are visible including ideas about itinerant galleries, mobile units, condoization, everyday life as art, accessibility and utlizing available spaces and structures. A number of unique and stand alone ideas are also among the display.

Eight of the ideas were made into a free postcard available at MOCCA (indicated on the list with *).

Brigitte Shim, Shim-Sutcliffe Architects Inc., Toronto
Josemaria Churtichaga + Cayetana de la Quadra-Salcedo, ch+qs arquitectos, Madrid, Spain
Jennifer Davis, architecture program and consultation TBD, Toronto
Su-Ying Lee, Assistant Curator, MOCCA, Toronto


100ideas (Maria Alexandrescu, Marcello Fantuz, Max Lennarts, Teodora Kolchagova, Tomas Larry)

A Customize Art Gallery
Stanley Lung

A Trojan Horse
Adrien Lesur-Vernhes

Jennifer Siegal

Air Art
Grant Shepard

Christopher William Brown

Apartment (for) Things
Justin Hung

Art is for Everyone
Dustin Couzens

Art to the People
Robert Micacchi

Bathroom Graffiti
Melissa Gerskup

Karolina Bober, Lily Hsu

Birds on a Wire
Kristen Kelsch

Boundless Projects
Michael Abel, Mina Hanna

Cabinets of Curiosity
Mark Titman

Cracking the Museum
Steven Beckly, Ellen Bleiwas, Sam Mogelonsky

Deconstructing the Space
Aleksa Bugarski

*Desaturated Schinkel
PA/LA/CE (Valle Medina and Benjamin Reynolds)

*Destroy a Building Display Art
Matt Burgermaster

Each and Every
Merieke Dekker, Bastiaan Van Der Sluis

Embedded Temporality
Chris Tron

Embracing Impermanence
Sylvia Nan Cheng

*Event Museum
Tom Ngo

Exhibiting Architecture…In Architecture
Mark Baechler

Mitchell May

Flash Mob of Art
Adrienne Lau

Qianqian Ye

Fulfilment Galleries
Stephane Gaulin-Brown

Future Art Gallery

*Gallery on the Move
Helen Mo Huen Chong

Google Gallery
Baharash Bagherain

It’s the Future
Emily Cheng

Liberated Heterotopia
Matt Ostrowski, Reguina Chakirova

Living Galleries
Ian Caine

Maximum Security
Javid Alibhai, Tings Chalk

Memento Mori
Evan Pavka

Gelareh Saadatpajouh, Talayeh Hamidya

*Moveable Feast
Gemma Barton

Gelareh Saadatpajouh, Talayeh Hamidya

*Moveable Feast
Gemma Barton

Sylvain Bilodeau

Nudist Spaces
Marisa Martin, Teresa Moran, Jose Guio

Eugene Ong

Plug in Gallery
Studio Vural (Selim Vural, Léna Podeur)

Filipe Aranda, Lauren Poon, Nairman Mousavi

Public Art Space
Anna Ulak

Reflexive Stroll
Alissa North, Pete North

Regen Oparch
Douglas MacLeod

Repository of Digitzed Art
Khalid Al Nasser, Nathaniel Addison

Scaffold City
Roya Mottahedeh

*Si Non Hominis
Sumo Projects (Ruth Mora & Gaston Soucy)

Sky Condo
David Warne

Spatial Aberration
Benjamin Reynolds

*Symbiotic Museum City
Matei Denes

The City Gallery
Michael Blois

The Cloud and the Dark Infrastructure
Other Forms (Jack Henrie Fisher, Jonathan Krohn, Alan Smart)

The Cloud Gallery
Melissa Lui

The Exploded Gallery
Alex Willms

The Fragmented Gallery
Serena Lee

The Gallery of Daily Rituals
Timothy Birchard

The Medium is the Message
Andreas Mede

The Moving Cube
Alexandre Ramos

The New Gallery
Critical Narratives Office (Cesar Lopez, Anesta Iwan, Nish Kothari)

*The Sky Hook Institute
Noa Bronstein, Tomer Diamant

The Space of Spectacle
Jonathan Cummings

The Virtual Art Box
Xan Hawes, Nina Hitzler

To be Mobile
Karina Milewicz

To the Basics
Fabio Torres

Faraz Anoushahpour, Parastoo Anoushahpour, Ryan Ferko, Trent Hunter

Valley of the Kings
Dom Cheng

What is a contemporary art gallery?
Wesley Perrot

Where Art Lives
Olivia Cheung