Guiding Questions for Jon Rafman, “SHADOWBANNED” (2018)

Recommended Age: Grade 10 and up

Watch SHADOWBANNED with a friend (in person or over video chat) and use the guiding questions below to start a discussion about the film: 

  • The narrator reads what sounds like a letter to someone in the future. Who do you think they are writing to?
  • Imagine if this film was the introduction scene to a new video game.
    • What would the video game be about?
    • What year is it?
    • Are we on Earth? In Space?
    • What happened? Where have the other humans gone?
    • What is your mission?

  • The narrator says, “Life as I knew it has ended but I’m still trying to understand what has replaced it.”
      • What do you think he is referring to?
      • What has ended and what has become the replacement?
  • If you could ask the artist a question about the piece, what would you like to know?
Jon Rafman, SHADOWBANNED (film still), 2018.